Extension and restyling of a household firm.

Location Palazzolo M.se - Paderno Dugnano (MI)
Realized by 2007
Type Competitions and Design
Planning with TG2 Giussani for extension, renovation, restyling and interior design of a manufacturing business household complex.


The intervention aims to analytically enter a vast and progressive project located within the " Innovation and development area ". The cornerstones points of the intervention and the project can be identified in three macros - items, which have different timing schedules:

1. the functional redefinition of the intervention; 2. the restyling of the firm aesthetical image; 3. the energy-managerial saving (geo - thermal sources and floor heating-cooling; energy supplying through solar panels).

We have planned ideally thinking to a way of "fruition and functional fluidity" by the main business and non business figures:

1. the executives and the technical and office employees; 2. the agents; 3. the customers; 4. the visitors (and possible future customers).

The four intervention and phases areas are:

1st Intervention: R&S and the MKTG offices at the ground floor, new sampling arrangement, extension of the quality laboratory (operational section);

2nd Intervention: Galaxia Gallery and NARDI Expo, in relationship to the possibility to utilize the central space at the first floor with an area that can bring out NARDI (prestige of the brand name and chronological gallery of the products);

3rd Intervention: Space for meetings, formation and active kitchen, through a new update and “active” implementation of the NARDI product (business strategy, advertising and marketing);

4th Intervention: Renewal and "functionalization" of the façade, through three hypotheses of intervention - same conception but different aesthetical aspect - that valorise the corporate image from the inside and the outside.

In short we have created a planning way that defines: greater immediateness and clarity of accessibility; distinction of the three accesses (operational - public and managerial - private); fluidity of the outside and inside ways; redefinition and rationalization of the external system of signs; distributive, functional and sectorial organization; immediate visibility and perception of the corporate entity; architecture at corporate strategy disposal.

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