Arrangement of polifunctional areas in a school and sporting complex.

Location Taio (TN)
Realized by 2007
Type Competitions and Design

The main goal of the project has been that to make the general system of the open spaces homogeneous and above all the pedestrian courses that put in communication the existing realities to the future ones (sporting centre, consortium of irrigation, new crĂȘche).
The realizations of 5 different spaces-plazas different for form, dimension and function, as the possible demands of the activities that will develop in these spaces are different too. Precisely:
- an open plaza for outdoor shows;
- a decentralized little square for the reading of a good book and for relax;
- the irregular plaza as a meeting and conversation point characterized by lighting elements which are differently bent;
- the amusement park equipped and open for bys and girls and with a covered free space. The area for small children has been located in the most central and secure part of the park, behind the area which has been allotted to the extension of the nursery school;
- the coloured walk cement paving that ends at the viewpoit onto the valley.
The materials which have been used are directly functional to the identity of the various parts. The new low body acts as a union element between all the parts, the existing one and the project, and it is plastered in white colour.

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