New gardens for China villas

Location Hangzhou (China)
Realized by 2009 - 2010
Type Work in progress
The project for the garden inside an very elegant residential complex, schedules the realization of a geometric space, rational with volumes, materials and essential and linear forms, both in plant and in prospectus, in the full respect for the environment and the surrounding context. The projected garden adjust therefore perfectly as a background to any type of residential architecture, with its peaceful, restful and not too intrusive forms. The main inspiring elements of the project are the axis and the perspective views of the Renaissance architecture in Italy, with the geometric Italian gardens, with paths, elements and forms that talk together, which are typical of the Roman and Florentine villas during the sixteenth and seventeen centuries, images and architectures that spread and became and famous all over the world, and are still today destination of tourism and international interest. The materials are introduced and used in contemporary key: acidified glass and led, particular outside illuminating systems, monoliths in stone with refined workmanships, light wooden gangways that cut channels of water, clever and particular systems of water circulation for special effects and jets.

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