L'architettura รจ il gioco sapiente, rigoroso e magnifico dei volumi raggruppati sotto la luce.
Le Corbusier

F_Studio+   Factory of Architecture

The Architect Davide Friso is the founder and owner of F_STUDIO + , a factory of architecture, furniture and design studio located in Nova Milanese (Monza Brianza), Italy.

F_STUDIO +, thanks to its flexible and integrated structure, offers a complete service within the complex world of Architecture, even for large interventions: from the analysis of the feasibility of the work, to the economic planning of the intervention; from architectural and structural design to plant and energy design, up to Interior Design, furnishings, lighting, acoustics and sound absorption;
from safety on site to internal company safety; from the graphic and image study, to the preparation of internet websites and to the marketing planning and corporate visual setting, with specific attention to the visual and emotional psychology of materials, shapes and colors.

F_Studio + also has collaborations with important companies in the sector as regards specific supplies and contracts, both at a residential, corporate and commercial level.

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