Architect Davide Friso (graduated at Milan Polytechnic in 1997) is the holder of F_STUDIO+®.
F_STUDIO +®, thanks to its flexible and integrated structure, can offer a complete service for great projects too: from the analysis of work feasibility to the economic planning of the project itself, from architectural design to supplies and contract, with a specific attention for building constructive details and for interior design particulars.

F_STUDIO+® has to its credit the planning of residential, banking, commercial, industrial and religious buildings and acts also as a technical advisor on behalf of great professional studies and firms of the sector, for specific projects of architecture, furnishing and design.
During the years the greater and greater specificity of the contemporary project, from small to large scale, has brought the Group to cooperate with advisors and collaborators, regarding large scale or more specific projects (Structural Engineers, Landscapists, Geologists, Urbanists, Lawyers).
Such a multidisciplinarity stimulates comparisons, innovative solutions and integrated, functional and complete designing choices, that can guarantee a thorough and deep development of the subjects and problems both in analysis and evolution.

During the years F_STUDIO+® has specialized in Contract and Interior Design, related to both residential and hotel, with projects and supplies in Italy and abroad (Brazil, China, Korea, France, Germany, Kenya, Kuwait, Russia, United States, Switzerland). It also collaborates actively with important groups or firms of the sector for this type of interventions.
The Study, young, innovative and rich of vitality, follows every intervention in a complete and integrated way, from the commercial planning to the logistic management, from every possible designing detail to the supervision of works with the most accurate assistance to guarantee the best technical support on the spot, shortening the distances between production and concrete realization of the environment.

Since the very first years of activity F_STUDIO+®, stimulated by the chance of comparison with other professionals, has participated in competitions of designing and ideas, of industrial design and of architecture, among which we can highlight
- Mercedes Competition for young architects (1994);
- IKEA competition for young Designers in 1997 (selected);
- Cosmopac Bologna in 2000 (selected);
- St. Bernard Church and Parish complex - Nova Milanese (MI) in 2000 (1 classified);
- OPOS Event Out of the Design Fair in Milan in 2002 (selected);
- planning of the new premises of Veduggio with Colzano (LC) municipality offices in 2002 (4 classified);
- planning of an urban park in the municipal district of Taio (TN) in 2007 (2 classified).
- invitation project to renovate "Innovation and development Area " for NARDI Elettrodomestici s.p.a. with TG2 Giussani s.r.l. in 2008;
- International competition for the gardens designing of the residential complex Splendid Qiantang Villas in Hangzhou (China) in 2008 (winners of the competition and gardens in realization).
The constant intent, in these projects, has always been that to give a complete and coherent answer to the specific contextual, environmental, functional and technical problems.
There have also been several reports and recognitions, by means of publications on sectorial magazines.

In reference to the specific market requirements and the typology of customers, F_STUDIO+® has given great relief and importance to the projects related to commercial and financial offices, chiefly to the banking counters (around 170 projected and realized during the years).
Since 1995 the Study is the technical-planning reference for Banca Popolare di Intra today belonging to the Veneto Bank Group, for which it has taken care of more than 80 projects considering opening of new branches and central offices and renovating at a rate of 90% in the already existing branches. The interventions have also extended to the affiliated companies such as the Intra Private Bank, the Futuro Spa, the Banca Popolare di Monza e Brianza. These works are carried on through a constant cooperation between the customer and the Study, actually departing from the initial strategies to the logistics of the new installation, from the preliminary project to the commercial and functional operational verifications, and also to those related to process as dictated by the customer, from the executive project to the supervision of works: building, plant engineering and interior design, up to the very end of the complete project.
Often in these typologies of projects, F_STUDIO +® has operated on already existing realities, through the study, the analysis and the architectural harmonization of the productive and image demands of the activities object of the intervention.
Where necessary, the redefinition and aesthetical retraining and graphics of the firms have been carried out in line with the contemporaneity of the various related sectors.

Numerous and diversified the interventions of architecture of insides and interior design have been implemented by F_STUDIO+®.
The conception and the aim to be reached, by every architect, of the project "complete and exhaustive" understood as "the endless sum of perfect details" (Mies Van Der Rohe), so dear an affirmation to F_STUDIO +®, has brought to the care of the detail of every single component, element or material, in numerous realizations in order to accomplish a complete satisfaction, not only functional, but also practical, aesthetical and "emotional" of the project that has become concrete reality.
The cleaning and the formal rigor, the lines of the ways of the project availability, the use of the materials according to theirs "vocation to exist", the correct distribution of the artificial and natural light sources, the calibrated use of the colours according to specified psychological and chromatic intents, are the hinges around which these interventions are conceived.
The design products at F_STUDIO +® components' credit are manifold both for business and commercial manufacture, and as unique pieces for specific furniture. The simplicity of the forms, the ergonomics, the easy practical usage and a industrial and serial production of the projected object characterize every element of design, wanted and realized by the firms that refer to the Study.
The approach to the project, the style and the language, are the same when the theme is the micro-object, and also when it is a complete system of furnishing to be inserted in already existing contexts.

设计师大卫Davide Friso ,1997年毕业于意大利米兰工科大学(Politecnico di Milano)设计系,
3位设计师在多年的实践中,积累了丰富的经验,他们的设计涉及民宅、别墅、商业店面、银行、办公楼、宾馆和工业厂房等,他们的作品遍布于意大利各地和巴西、韩国、法国、德国、肯尼亚、科威特、俄罗斯、美国、瑞士等世界各地。仅在意大利北部(米兰和都灵地区),就设计装修了超过80家的银行,设计装修了莫斯科俄罗斯最一(世界第三)的天然气公司 的总部大楼的最高两层的内部豪华装修装潢。在米兰中心繁华商业区,设计装修了无数的商业店面,其代表作品还有:设计及内部装修了意大利Pavia 顶级别墅 Villa Ciocca,佛罗伦萨市十九世纪(1800年代)别墅 Villa Canigiani,威尼斯高档别墅 Villa Petterlin, 意大利语发源地、著名跑马场、历史名城--锡耶那(Siena)十九世纪(1800年代)著名高层(高六层)建筑Palazzo Guinigi,意大利著名海上旅游胜地 ISOLA D’ELBA 岛 十八世纪(1700年代)别墅 Villa Paoletti,摩纳哥大公国 高级公寓 Palazzo Montecarlo, 米兰市中心现代别墅 Villa Monaco 、德国 Duseldorf 和法国 Lourdes等地的4星级宾馆整体设计,纽约、瑞士、俄罗斯、科威特等国的高档住宅、公寓和别墅的室内、室外设计和装修工作。
- 作品参加了1994年奔驰车青年设计大赛,
- 作品入选了1997年IKEA设计大赛,
- 作品入选了2000年Cosmopac Bologna 设计大赛,
- 作品入选了2002年米兰OPOS 室外设计大赛,
- 作品获得2002年意大利VEDUGGIO 市政府新址设计征集大赛第四名,
- 作品获得2007年意大利TAIO 市政府市政广场设计征集大赛第二名。

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