Commercial Partners

  • FENINI srl

    Fenini SRL, a company founded in 1905, is an historic Lombard company operating in the civil and industrial construction sector. Thanks to the great experience accumulated in the course of over 100 years of activity, the company has built an enviable know-how that allows you to undertake all kinds of construction works, even significant and complex. The continuous research activity and the constant use of innovation allow us to operate with cutting-edge techniques and methods and provide modern, competitive services with a high quality standard.

    Fenini SRL has long adopted processing techniques and products with low environmental impact, specializing in green building technologies, on the implementation of interventions for the recovery of energy efficiency and for the exploitation of renewable energy sources.

  • E.S.G. Easy Safety Group srl

    SG Safety Work has been structured for years and made up of a team with decades of experience in the field of safety, environment, health and hygiene at work.

    The main purpose of the company, in fact, is to be a support, a help for safety in companies and to make services simple, clear and effective.
    The skills and professionalism of the ESG Safety Work staff allow it to offer advice and support throughout the Lombardy region to any type of company, in any working sector.

    Finally, thanks to the contacts with various joint bodies, ESG Safety Work guarantees all its customers funded training courses, both general and specific.
    The ESG Safety Work company is present throughout the Lombardy region with a staff of dozens of technicians with decades of experience in the field of workplace safety, fire prevention, quality certifications, food safety and related issues.

    Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with joint bodies and bilateral bodies, ESG Safety Work guarantees to all types of customers general or specific training courses for workers (course regulated by Joint Body).

    E.S.G. Safety Work, offers a series of business solutions updated according to the regulations in force, operating in 5 different main areas:
    - Easy Work
    - Easy Privacy
    - Easy Food
    - Easy Quality
    - Easy Health

  • C.R.S. srl

    The C.R.S. S.r.l. is a dynamic company that operates successfully in the construction and interior architecture sectors with the aim of reaching and satisfying that market niche in which realizations with high-end products can be supplied, offering quality solutions.

    Years of work in the sector have developed a fertile planning mentality, an aptitude for the constant study of the ideal solution for a specific issue.

    C.R.S. is specialized in the installation of dry integrated systems of any type or kind, of false ceilings, of raised access floors, of plasterboard walls and furniture, of painting, of furniture and even of signage.

    The company offers itself to the designer as a consultant to identify the most suitable product and all the accessory elements, developing the executive design together, making its experience, seriousness and competence available and paying particular attention to the acoustic aspects, fire resistance as well as aesthetic appearance.

    As for the assembly, C.R.S. employs specialized personnel able to perform a particularly accurate installation in the execution of even the most special details, trying to fully satisfy the requests of each individual customer.
    Important for the company is the consolidated relationship of collaboration with the Armstrong company within different activities and products, which has a team of over thirty branches distributed all over the world.

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